High Quality Chinese Natural White Jade Stone Roller Anti Aging

High Quality Chinese Natural White Jade Stone Roller Anti Aging
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High Quality Chinese Natural White Jade Stone Roller Anti Aging

Massage Tool Made of Jade Stone, for Face Lifting, Anti-aging, Anti-wrinkles.

MULTIPLE POINTS AND EDGES: Use the points and edges of this tool to increases blood flow and microcirculation in the soft tissue to gain healthy skin, skin detox and rejuvenation. 4-corner design.

JADE STONE: Made of 100% natural jade with weld. Double effects of massage and healing at the same time.

DESIGN BASED ON TRADITIONAL EXPERIENCE & ERGONOMICS: Beautifully designed based on both experience over 2000+ years and modem ergonomics.

Facial massage tool made of jade stone, for lymphatic massage, anti-aging face lift massage, anti-wrinkles massage, facial massage, trigger point & chiropractic massage, acupuncture therapy, skin care treatments, muscles and joints soreness relax, detox relaxation and stress relief.

Material: 100% natural white jade

Color: white

Manufacturing: Handcrafted and manually polished

Finishing: Fine finishing, with very smooth surfaces and edges that will never scratch and hurt your skin or cause bleeding. The highest quality Gua Sha massage jade stone tool.

Application: Facial Gua Sha , cosmetic self-treatment, face lifting massage, anti-aging facelift massage, scraping massage Gua Sha therapy, coining, facial Gua sha lymphatic massage for skin detox and rejuvenation & beauty,

Health benefits using this massage tool:

Attain a brighter, radiant and healthier skin.

Cells are activated and face regains elasticity

Clearing clogged pores

Controls acne and pimples

Detoxifies skin

Double chin reduced

Enhances absorption ability for skin care and makeup products

Uplifts sagging skin to become suppler / firmer

Improve skin cells growth and renewal

Reduced insomnia

Iron out fine lines and wrinkles

Promotes a healthy and younger looking skin

Promotes blood circulation, activates energy

Reduces pores size

Reducing pigmentations, freckles

Helps to tone the face

Release of stress

Removes dark circles / eye bags / puffy eyes

Smoother skin, youthful look

Uneven tone improved

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